A brief History

About Pupuk Indonesia Niaga
PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga merupakan Anggota Holding PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) yang bergerak dalam bidang Perdagangan Pupuk dan Non Pupuk, Keagenan, serta Industri Cat. Pada tahun 1940an, awal mula berdirinya PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga bernama NV. Electro Import, anak perusahaan Belanda bernama Jacobson Van Den Berg & Co bergerak di bidang kelistrikan. Setelah dilakukan nasionalisasi oleh Pemerintah RI, berubah nama menjadi PN Mega Electro.
December 28, 1970 changed its form to PT Mega Electro (Persero) which was later determined as the Company's anniversary.
The name Mega Electro changed to PT Mesin Gaya Electro dan Trading or abbreviated as PT MEGA ELTRA after obtaining an abundance of capital and the addition of a core business in the trading sector.
January 9, 2023 PT Mega Eltra rebranded to PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga or abbreviated as PI Niaga which aims to strengthen Pupuk Indonesia Niaga's business capacity in retail, trade and distribution within the Pupuk Indonesia holding environment.
Making a company that has a sustainable competitive advantage in the field of Goods and Services Trading business.
Carry out business activities in the field of Fertilizer Trading and others as well as Competitive Construction Services in the national market, based on the 6 quality commitments (the six qualities) covering: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Environment and Morale (Q, C, D, S, E, M).
Corporate Culture

Holding Firm to the Trust Given

Continue to Learn and Develop Capabilities

Caring for and Appreciating Differences

Dedicated and Prioritizing the Interests of the Nation and State

Continue to innovate and be enthusiastic in driving or dealing with change

Building Synergistic Cooperation


1940 – NV Electro Import
1958 – PT Yuda Electro
1961 – Third Electro Division
1964 – Mega Electro
1965 – PN Mega Electro
1970 – PT Mega Electro
1977 – PT Mega Eltra
1998 – PT Mega Eltra
2023 – PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga

1940 – NV Electro Import

Established NV Electro Import, a subsidiary
Jacobson Vanden Berg & Co., a
Dutch company.

1958 – PT Yuda Electro

Based on Government policy
Indonesia about nationalization,
changed its name to PT Yuda Electro.

1961 – Third Electro Division

Based on Government Regulation no. 72, PT Yuda Electro was integrated into the State Company Tulus Bhakti as a division under the name Division III or
Electro Engineering.

1964 – Mega Electro

Based on the Decree of the Minister
Trade No. 376/M/SK/64, change
name to Mega Electro (Machine, Style
and Electro).

1965 – PN Mega Electro

Based on Government Regulation no. 32,
to become the State Company Mega Electro
(PN MegaElectro).

1970 – PT Mega Electro

Based on Government Regulation no. 24,
turned into a Limited Liability Company
named PT Mega Electro.

1977 – PT Mega Eltra

Get additional capital and
new business fields from liquidation results
PT Development Commerce. PT Mega Electro
changed to PT Mega Eltra, namely
stands for Machine, Force, Electrical and
Trading (trade).

1998 – PT Mega Eltra

Based on Government Regulation
No. 34 and the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, PT Mega Eltra became
Member of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja
Group (Persero) which is currently named PT Pupuk
Indonesia (Persero).

2023 – PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga

In accordance with Decree No. AHU0129775.AH.01.02 Year 2022 of the Minister of Law and Human Rights, as of January 9, 2023 the company name has become PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga (PI Niaga).

Company Profile PI Niaga