PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga has a subsidiary engaged in the paint industry, namely PT Sigma Utama. Established since 1932 under the name Lindetives Pieter Schoen and Zoon (NV LP&Z), the PT Sigma Utama factory is equipped with modern standard equipment and machines, warehouse, QC laboratory, Research and Development (R&D), waste treatment installations, and open green areas. PT Sigma Utama has implemented an ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure quality consistency and obtained Certificates 14001 and OHSAS 18001. This commitment is for customer satisfaction with quality assurance and concern for environmental sustainability and work safety. It is proven that PT Sigma Utama received an award as a green industry from the Ministry of BUMN and the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

With an installed production capacity of 6,000 tons/year, PT Sigma Utama  produces mainly heavy paints duty protective coating and painting for marine, shipping and offshore building purposes or known as MOPC (Marine, Off shore and Protective Coating), as well as producing decorative type paints, with a sales system in retail and projects.

PT Sigma Utama paint products can be categorized as follows:

  • Marine Coating
  • Protective Coating
  • Industrial Paint
  • Decorative Paint
  • Special Purpose Paints
  • Automotive Paints

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